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About us - About Dalat



Ladies and Gentlemen!


As you already known about the city of flowers, or called "the Land of fog”. Dalat is one of the most beautiful cities of tourist, great resorts and ideal destination.


Dalat is located on the pleteau with an average elevation of 1500m above sea level, about 300km and 110 km to the East of Ho Chi Minh city, the land was blessed, air fresh, cool climate all year round.


            Dalat is a quiet area and famous for its lush, green pine trees, flowers and fruits of four seasons. Stretching hills, green valleys are adorned by blue lakes and thousands of beautiful villas that flicker in the pine forest. The torrents flow down the mountain creating many beautiful waterfalls and streams.


            Dalat, a tourist center and resorts in Vietnam and Southeast Asia are outstretched arms to welcome you to visit Highlander with eternal spring. Coming to Dalat, the visitors and those who had come to this land will share a same feeling, a dream and exclaimed that if I have a lot of lands, houses or mansion in Dalat to taste and enjoy life, what blessed to enjoy happiness to the end. Liên Minh real estate dealing center is very pleased to present at this beautiful city. And to satisfy customer’s demand who buy houses and land in Da Lat better, we would like to introduce a brand of Liên Minh estate transactions are operating effectively in a Dalat city and to turn your dreams into reality soon quickly - exactly - a safe and effective.


Lien Minh real estate dealing center earnestly urged real estate investor are individuals, business, corporation, organizations conglomerates and foreign investors to join the real estate market in Dalat - a paradise resort has been recognized as urban class I (investment opportunities in the short term, high profit ratio).


To Lien Minh real estate dealing center, you will be certain to satisfy your choice

Wishing success and Best regards!


Liên Minh real estate dealing center


Dalat has been called the thumbnail Paris for a cool climate all year round. Dalat is the most popular places for new married couples on their honeymoon.       


Agriculture sector primary of Dalat is flowers and vegetables, but traveler is the most important contribution to the economy of the city: 

Dalat people are very hospitable. Smile is an indispensable part of local culture.

One of the charms of Dalat is a comfortable way of life, innocent of the city. Visitors can see the Da Lat walked slowly as if life’s difficulties don’t bother them.

Da Lat is famous for artichoke and strawberry. Climate and soil of Dalat are ideal for growing strawberries and mulberries. This is one of the main ingredients along with the grapes make great taste of Dalat wine.




         Da Lat area was formally explored in 1897 by Alexandre Yersin - French doctor (1863-1943). The city was formed in 1912 and soon preferred by Europe who lived and worked in Vietnam because of its cool climate that Saigon and the Mekong Delta have never been. In the language of the local Lat, Dalat means “ the river of Lat peoples”.


Xuan Huong Lake

Liên Minh real estate dealing center

      Ho Xuan Huong was dug in 1919, in the heart of the city. Lake was named female writer after a 17th century, a well known satirical poem about the aristocracy, landowners and kings. The lake is surrounded by asphalted road.

Bao Dai palace

Liên Minh real estate dealing center

Palace II of Emperor Bao Dai was built in 1933. Architecture inside of the palace did not change much through the decades.

 Da Lat University was founded in 1976. We have about 20000 students are studying in different majors.

Valley of love

Liên Minh real estate dealing center

      Originally called the Valley of Peace, set by Bao Dai, the valley then renamed Valley of Love in 1972.


Cam Ly Waterfall

Liên Minh real estate dealing center

           Opened in 1911, Cam Ly waterfall is one of the points can not be ignored by travelers. Green grass around the waterfall area attracts herds of horse to highland grazing under the care of the Dalat Cowboys.

Prenn waterfall:

Liên Minh real estate dealing center

This is one of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls of Da Lat

Datanla waterfall:

Liên Minh real estate dealing center

        Not to far from highway No.20, so visitors can see the squirrels, birds and countless butterflies in this area.


Dalat Golf Course

Liên Minh real estate dealing center

          Golf Course opens to members, visitors and membership fee from $ 15,000 for 20 years. Visitors can play golf all day here with only 25-35 Dollars.

Lang Biang summit:

Liên Minh real estate dealing center

         There are five volcanoes elevation from 2100m to 2400m. The road to LangBiang summit seems to shorten as the picturesque scenes look down from the top.  


Dalat night

Liên Minh real estate dealing center


Liên Minh real estate dealing center

Dalat in the fog





         Highlands Lam Dong province is cool climate, fresh air year-round, natural scenery with hills through dreamy, streams, lakes, waterfalls and gardens. Dalat, the capital of LamDong, the famous resort city of the French in Indochina, was named the “ Flowers City”, “ Spring city”.


            The land has a lot of charming landscapes such as the Valley of Love; Xuan Huong Lake. Than Tho Lake, Dankia Lake – Goldan stream, Pongour waterfall, Gougah, Prenn, Cam Ly, Dalanta, Tiger Cave, Langbiang Mountain; Ngoan Muc Pass…


         Da Lat is also famous for the beautiful architecture such as Da Lat church, Domain de Marie Abbey, Power Palace, Bao Dai Palace Governor, Da Lat station, Dalat University ... and many villas scattered throughout the city; Linh Son Pagoda, Linh Phong, Linh Quang, hien Vuong Co Sat, Sanh Pagoda and especially truc Lam Monastery with 25ha located on a hill overlooking Tuyen Lam Lake. Since 2003 has brought visitors from the city to pagoda gate by the cable car.


Dalat is also hometown of M “ Nong, Ma, Coho people….with many unique customs


Liên Minh real estate dealing center

Ancient Villa


Liên Minh real estate dealing center

Dalat people



Liên Minh real estate dealing center

Pontifical Academy of Dalat


Liên Minh real estate dealing center

Palace Hotel



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